Born in 1966 in Zurich, Switzerland, with Italian roots, Mirco attended ETH Zurich and gained a degree in engineering management. He is the co-founder of a live marketing agency and has been working as a project manager since 1995. Major projects he has coordinated include events for car manufacturers ( and one of the most prestigious garden events in the world, the Giardina (, which he co-founded.

As an Italian, it should not come as a surprise that his family is the centre of Mirco’s life. He has been married to the enchanting Kaba, an ambitious yet lovely woman, since 1999. Mirco’s three children Giorgio, Gemma and Gianna are his greatest treasures and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for them. That’s not all, however: Mirco is blessed with a very large family of more than a hundred members, with whom he keeps in touch regularly. 

Mirco’s photographic journey started 20 years ago, in the moment when he first held a digital camera in his hands. Soon afterwards, he discovered digital post-processing, which opened up a completely new world of creative techniques and opportunities. An autodidact, Mirco has experimented with different techniques, always looking for new visual challenges and ultimately developing an individual style that can be summarised in two principles: ‘Capture moments’ and ‘Always tell a story’. The majority of Mirco’s photos reflect these two principles. Today, Mirco sees himself not only as a passionate photographer, but also as a Photoshop enthusiast who uses photography to practice his Photoshop skills.

When Mirco is not shooting photos, he can be found enjoying his other hobbies. Mirco is a passionate karateka who practises the unique and unbelievably powerful style of Kimura Shukokai Karate. Here, success comes from a thorough knowledge of physical mechanics and techniques. What most people don’t know is that Mirco is also very interested in science in general and cosmology in particular. Last but not least, Mirco is an ardent supporter of Juventus Football Club and the Formula 1 team Scuderia Ferrari.